Exogenous Ketones & How to Use Them



Exogenous ketones are ketone supplements that you ingest exogenously (a fancy word for outside the body) are the newest science breakthrough, making the job of drastically cutting carbs from the diet much easier. Exogenous ketone supplements are somewhat new on the scene, with only a select few companies manufacturing them for dietary use. The products currently available on the market are comprised of beta-hydroxybutyrate salts, which flood the body with ketones and eliminate the symptoms of carbohydrate withdrawal. They put the body in ketosis within 30-60 minutes so you can reap all the amazing health benefits of ketosis in a simple and effective way (just mix the exogenous ketones with water & drink!). Research is now linking exogenous ketones to a multitude of benefits, including more efficient weight loss, athletic performance enhancement, cancer prevention, cognitive improvement, neuroprotection and anti-inflammatory properties. (See research links below.) In addition, exogenous ketones are an extremely useful tool to easily transition to the ketogenic diet. When taken daily, they can reduce carb/sugar cravings, turn on your fat burners, give you more energy, and keep "low-carb flu" at bay. These come in handy for people dipping their toe into the ketogenic lifestyle, as well as keto veterans that are looking for a great pre-workout fuel/energy boost. 


One downside to exogenous ketones is the taste.  Most brands that you find on the market taste terrible and are hard to drink (trust me - we here at The Ketone Society have tried them all!) Luckily, there is one brand that we have found to be both effective and tasty (Keto//OS).  This brand is also the only one approved by Dominic D’Agostino, a Ph.D. and leading ketone researcher. (On a side note: watch is his TED Talk about starving cancer with ketones.)  This product is not only great for anyone interested in the ketogenic lifestyle, but also people who want to keep their current diet and still reap the benefits of ketosis.  If you do decide to buy them - use this link. The company warns people not to buy from Amazon because they could be fakes and aren't guaranteed for validity or freshness.